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Transmission of Enlightenment in Buddhism

The Buddha held up a flower before his circle of disciples.  All were confused except one, M. (I abbreviate the name), who smiled.  Buddha was happy and announced that M. had received enlightenment and wisdom.  M. alone understood. ‘The Flower … Continue reading

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Looking at the Sky and Seeing Stars

In the night, I was hit by a car and knocked out.   I awoke flat on my back, with a wide sky above and nobody around.  All was silent.  [The end.]

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The World in which We Live

The world in which we live is big and yet small/ We know our place or do we? We walk and rest and then we’re walking [yet] again/ Are we not lost? Really, where are we from and [to] where are … Continue reading

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1 Reason Not to Look Back

Jesus of Nazareth said, “one who puts hand to plow and looks back is not fit for the kingdom of God” (Lk 9.62).  A person working for God looks ahead to the goal of the mission, not behind which is … Continue reading

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A General Comment

The world and everything in it are just fine.  There is good and evil, order and chaos and it’s all expected, though the details are entertaining.  God is good, the source of it all and the faintest notion, down here … Continue reading

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Funeral Dirge: Form and Function

A dirge is a hymn, lament or poem about the death of someone.  A funeral dirge would be such within an actual funeral.  Etymology of the word starts with Latin verb dirigere (English, ponder-direct, guide) used in Catholic church ‘Office … Continue reading

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Ununderstood, little understood

Is there a difference between something not understood and a little understood?  Yes, something not understood or ununderstood is a complete mystery while someting a little understood is grasped cognitively in some respect.

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