Meaning is a deep lake

Meaning is a deep lake.  I came up with this phrase (actually, it’s a complete sentence) while writing a blog about a Gospel of Thomas saying, "Become like passersby" (saying #42).  That saying moves me.  It makes my heart soar.  Why?  "Become like passersby" gives expression to a principle that had been secretly guiding my life since a religioius conversion about 35 years ago.  A big part of God’s message to me, at that time, was, "don’t get too involved in anything; you’re just passing through this world, on your way to another world."  Who am I to argue with God?  His wisdom is beyond human understanding.  Get it? 
So, when I discovered saying 42 in the Gospel of Thomas ( a document that wasn’t itself discovered until 1945), I said to myself, "Eureka." 
Here was a simple saying, ostensibly given by Jesus, directing his followers to a lfestyle that God had recommended to me.  Become like passersby.  Be as if you’re passing by.  Always remember, this world is passing away and so are you. 
The cowboys of the old west exemplify a restless existence.  So too the desert fathers of Christianity, like St. Anthony.  Read chapter 11 of the book of Hebrews for more about faith and being a stranger and wanderer. 
Here’s a  poem:  Meaning is a deep lake/Fish/Find some or none to take.         

About paulyr2

Single male, b. 1955, U.S. citizen, Italian, Christian, B.A. (Political Science) Seton Hall Univ., M.T.S. (Theological Studies) Drew Univ.
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